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Lumbee Federal Recognition Update

128 years ago today, a group of Lumbee petitioned the United States Government for recognition as an American Indian tribe. That fight continues today.

Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. stated that in the Summer of 2016, he and council member Jarrod Lowery planted a tree as a symbol of our promise to the Lumbee people that in 2016 we would make progress in our fight to achieve full Federal recognition. Today he is pleased to announce that we have indeed reached a milestone in our effort towards full Federal Recognition. On December 22, 2016, the United States Department of the Interior reversed its long-held position that the 1956 Lumbee Act both terminated our existing rights, benefits, and privileges and prohibited the application of future legislation to us as an Indian tribe. This opinion does not grant us full federal recognition but it does open up additional avenues for us to pursue our efforts.

Click the link below to read the Solicitor's Opinion.

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