Executive Branch


All executive powers, including implementation of and compliance with annual budgets, of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina shall reside in a Tribal Chairperson, who shall cause all laws of the Tribe to be faithfully executed.


Tribal Chair - Mr. Harvey Godwin, Jr.

To contact the Tribal Chairman or the Tribal Administrator you may call the Main Tribal Office at 910-521-7861 Ext. 201 or 290 and your call will be directed to the Chairman and/or the Tribal Administrator. 


Mr. Harvey Godwin




The Tribal Chair shall nominate a Tribal Administrator, subject to confirmation by the Tribal Council or its designee(s).





Legislative Branch





District 1: Gaddy, Orrum, Rowland, Sterlings, Whitehouse, Thompson

Representative Carvicous Barfield

District 2: Back Swamp, Fairmont, Smyrna

Representative Sharon Hunt

Representative Gerald Goolsby


District 3: Lumberton, West Howellsville

Representative Pam Hunt

Representative Harold Smith

District 4: Philadelphus, Red Springs

Representative Ted Woodell


District 5: Oxendine, Prospect

Representative Wendy Moore

Representative Carrington Locklear         

District 6: North Pembroke,Raft Swamp

Representative Richard Jones

Representative  Larry Anthony Chavis

District 7: South Pembroke, Union

Representative Alvin Mercer

Representative Yvonne Barnes Dial

Representative Reginald Oxendine Jr.



Elected Council Representatives —  21 Seats


The Lumbee Tribal Council is comprised of 21 members elected from 14 districts.  Members of the Tribal Council shall serve three year terms.  If you have questions or concerns you can email your representative by clicking on thier name.


Here are your Council Representatives:



District 8: Burnt Swamp

Representative Corbin Eddings


District 9: Saddletree

Representative Dewey McNeill

District 10: Rennert, , Shannon, South St. Pauls

Representative Marshil Locklear

District 11: Hoke County

Representative Chocajuana Oxendine


District 12: Alfordsville, Maxton, Scotland County

Representative Annie Taylor

Representative  Shelley Strickland


District 13: Cumberland County, Lumber Bridge, North St. Pauls, Parkton

Representative Ricky G. Burnett


District 14: Britts, East Howellsville, Wisharts

Representative Terry Hunt





  •  Please note that if a Committee Meeting concludes prior to the scheduled time allotted, the next scheduled meeting will begin.

  • Thursday's Meeting will be streamed via our Livestream tab.

Business Meeting schedule for 2021



Scheduled Tribal Council Meetings & Locations (meetings begin at 6:30 pm)

*All meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month*


All meetings will be held at the Tribal Housing Complex, unless otherwise noted
















The Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex is located at 6984 NC Hwy 711 West Pembroke NC 28372.


[Directions] Committee meetings and all others are held at the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex.


For any additional Tribal Council information not listed on the website please contact:


Belinda Brewer

Housing Services Coordinator & Tribal Council Assistant.

Phone: 910.522.2219




  • January- Tribal Housing Complex

  • February- Tribal Housing Complex

  • March - Tribal Housing Complex

  • April - Tribal Housing Complex

  • May - Tribal Housing Complex

  • June - Tribal Housing Complex

  • July - Tribal Housing Complex

  • August - Tribal Housing Complex

  • September - Tribal Housing Complex

  • October - Tribal Housing Complex

  • November - Tribal Housing Complex

  • December - Tribal Housing Complex

Judicial Branch


The Supreme Court of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina will hear all cases dealing with constitutional issues. 


There are five (5) sitting judges whom are nominated by the Tribal Chairman and appointed by the Tribal Council. 


Two of the sitting judges shall be graduates of accredited law schools and three shall be lay people. 


The Chief Judge bears administrative responsibilities and is elected on an annual basis by the sitting judges.




Supreme Court 

Chief Judge Joshua Dale Malcolm
Judge Mary Beth Locklear
Judge Landon Everette Moore
Judge Mark Brooks



Joshua Dale Malcolm and Landon Everrette Moore are sworn-in as judges on Lumbee Tribal Supreme Court .



The Tribal Administrative Court of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina is established to provide due process and further protect the rights of tribal members, and designed to ensure tribal members are treated equally through the administration of tribal programs. The Tribal Administrative Court will hear cases dealing with the administrative issues such as housing, enrollment, and energy assistance.



Administrative Court 


Chief Justice Gary Deese

Judge Jo Ann Harris

Judge Ima Jean Oxendine

Judge Christopher Locklear