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Belinda Brewer, Executive Administrative Assistant 

Phone: (910)522-2219



Ricky Harris, Tribal Administrator

 Phone:  (910) 522-2190

Tammy Maynor, Director of Governmental Affairs

 Phone:  (910) 522-2204

Kayla McNeill-Lowry, Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable Specialist

 Phone:  (910) 522-5176


Amanda Taylor, Accounting II Tech

 Phone: 910-522-5469


Jawana Jacobs, Procurement Officer

 Phone: (910) 522-5160


Sharon Bell, Director of Finance

 Phone:  (910) 522-2216



Sandra Eddings, Accounting Tech. II                                                

 Phone:  (910) 522-2194                                                                 



Tanya Deese, Senior Finance Officer

 Phone:  (910) 522-5188


Richeal Locklear, Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable Specialist

 Phone:  (910) 522-5192

Matthew Davenport, Information Technology Specialist

 Phone: (910) 521-2209


Allen Hunt, Information Technology Specialist

 Phone: (910) 522-2209


Human Resources

Cheryl Chavis, HR Manager

 Phone: (910) 522-2189        

Telisha Oxendine, HR Assistant 

 Phone: (910) 522-2217               


Front Desk / Receptionist

Lorie Locklear, Front Desk Receptionist

 Phone:  (910)521-7861



Mikayla Locklear, Grant Writer

 Phone:  (910) 522-5475




Karen Bird, Grants Manager

 Phone:  (910) 522-5162



Taylor Davis, Communication Information Support Specialist

 Phone:  (910) 522-5194



Tasha Oxendine, Public Relations Manager

 Phone:  (910) 522-5185


Public Relations

Administrative Employees


Information Technology

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