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Project IndigeCHOICE

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Project IndigeCHOICE is a five-year United States Department of Education grant, awarded to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina to serve American Indian students.


The Accessing Choices in Education (ACE) grant was designed to allow the Lumbee Tribe to set up a variety of education options and services from which parents or students can choose. The grant will begin providing services and programs October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2025.


Rita Locklear, Program Director


Gwendolyn Chavis, Services Coordinator


Janeva Moore, Program Liaison


A Culturally Relevant Tutoring Program for K-12 American Indian students that will enhance their reading and math skills. This is for K-12th grade students in the Lumbee Tribal Service Area. Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina


  • Educational Kits


  • Technology Materials



  • Textbook Navigation 


  • Tutoring 


  • LTNC Camps 


  • Robeson Community College Day Camps


  • College Application, SAT, or ACT Fee


  • Culturally Relevant Supplemental Counseling 


  • Culturally Relevant Navigational Services 

  • College Day and College Tours


This service will provide Educational Kits or Supplies for American Indian students attending Robeson Community College for College and Career Promise (CCP) courses. CCP provides apprenticeships and training programs that lead to industry certifications or college enrollment. The kits or supplies will be provided to the Public Schools of Robeson County students enrolled at RCC in the CCP classes. These materials may be needed for, but not limited to the following courses that lead to a certificate or class credit: cosmetology, EMT, welding, CNA, etc. at Robeson Community College.

This service will provide American Indian Students Technology Materials: Hardware and Software such as educational technology or hardware, including learning software, Computers, Chrome books, headpiece and microphone materials, or hardware needed for educational CCP classes at RCC, camp participation and other programs offered through this grant. The student can apply only if the school they attend does not supply these materials. Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina 

A means to guide the student and their Parent/Guardian in the selection of appropriate Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) Career and College Promise (CCP) courses. Provides assistance with the selection and purchase of the correct CCP textbooks. Robeson Community College

One of our most popular program is our Camps. We have camps for K-12 graders that students will love. This service provides American Indian students a choice of Summer (Day camps and Residential) Afterschool, or Saturday Camps (for Girls) that are culturally related or are supported by evidence that suggests the services have a positive effect on relevant education. On the application, select among Summer Residential or Day Camps, Afterschool or Saturday Camps.  Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina 

The opportunity to expose students to various academic subject areas that will lead to careers of interest for the students is what we do at the RCC summer camps. Students will focus on STEM hands on science and or math activities while having exposer to careers in those fields. They will attend camp on the RCC campus and learn about college and career readiness. Students will explore the native culture and history and meet our native people currently working in various careers. Bring then daily for a week and they will leave with an experience they will talk about forever. Robeson Community College 

We will assist with financial assistance for your college application fee when applying for admission in the 2022. Or financial assistance for ACT or SAT testing fee for college admissions. Students must complete the payment process at the Lumbee tribal office to ensure payment is made at the appropriate time. Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina 

Provide Culturally Relevant Supplemental Counseling. The Counseling service will be one of the following of your choice: Individual Counseling, Talking Circles with students only and/or Talking Circles with students and parents.

These services are embedded into five different services and are designed to support American Indian students and parents with navigating pertinent educational academic options. Students will receive one on one educational academic information, from a qualified staff member, that willenable them to make the most informed choices to meet their education goals. 

Educational Kits
Technology Materials
Students at Camp
Students at Camp
College List
Culturally Relevant Supplemental Counseling
Culturally Relevant Navigational Services

Our very popular "College Day" is a one day conference for 9th-12th grade students to attend. The sessions will be provided by University and College experts and current and/or graduate students.  Sessions may include necessary information about: Admission, Financial Aide, Developing a college plan, Scholarships for American Indian students, what college life is really like and how to enjoy the college experience and make the grade. You will need to attend before you tour a college. "University/College Tours": This is a two day overnight event. Students will see firsthand what the campus looks like.  Students will visit Universities and/or College(s) within N.C. Hear from the University or College staff and current American  Indian student(s) that attend the school, when possible. This opportunity will fill up fast. Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina 

College Day & College Tours
Robeson Community College Partnership with Project IndigeCHOICE
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