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Tribal Enrollment 

The tribal rolls close thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Regular Election and will remain closed thirty (30) days after or until certification of the election.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records is to uphold tribal sovereignty and execute responsibilities of tribal enrollment as dictated by the Constitution of the Lumbee Tribe.  The office seeks to preserve for all time the Lumbee way of life by maintaining vital records provided by and for tribal members.  In doing so, the office is in keeping with the tribe’s desire to honor our ancestors and provide for future generations.


The Enrollment and Records office is regulated by CLLO-2010-0121-01 An Act to Provide Tribal Enrollment Ordinance.  This ordinance is in accordance with Article II of the Lumbee Constitution. To qualify for membership with the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina (new or updating), applicants must have direct biological descent from one or more persons named on the tribe’s base rolls and maintain historical or present day contact.


The rolls will close thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Regular Election (typically held in November) and will remain closed thirty (30) days after or until certification of the election.

New Enrollments

Applicants for tribal enrollment who are aged 18 and over, have to attend a Lumbee History Culture Class before their application for enrollment can be finalized.  At this time, the class is being held at the Lumbee Tribe Housing Complex, 'Turtle Building,' at 10:00 am and 1:30 pm daily excluding holidays.  It is by registration only and to register, you may contact tribal enrollment staff at or call 910.668.6099.  After the class, a certificate of completion will be issued.  A copy of the certificate is required for the completion of the tribal enrollment application.  This class is also required for individuals who are re-instating their tribal enrollment and for non-Lumbee parents who are applying for tribal enrollment on behalf of their minor child.  At this time, space is limited and the class is limited to only the applicants.


Applications for tribal enrollment will be provided in the office, but they can also be downloaded and printed using the following link, Enrollment Application (requires Adobe Acrobat and it is recommended to print on legal size paper for the best quality).  If you are having trouble printing it on legal size paper, we will have applications on hand for you to complete when you arrive in the office.


Bring all required information* (certified county issued birth certificate** that records parents’ names for each person to be enrolled, the Certificate of Completion from the Lumbee History Culture Class--if attended when class was at the Boys & Girls Club, and a photo ID for adults) to the tribal office during regular business hours.  Failure to bring this required information may delay or prevent enrollment.  Please note that minors do not need to be present in order for the parent or guardian to enroll them.  However, if you want a picture ID card for your child, the child need to be present.  


For non-Lumbee parent, if the Lumbee parent is not enrolled, you will need to bring that parent’s county issued certified birth certificate that records parents’ names as well.  The same would be if the Lumbee grandparent(s) is/are not enrolled.


             *Please be advised that if any additional information or records are needed to determine your eligibility, you will                         be informed when seen by enrollment staff. Birth certificates will only be accepted from the state when                             the county does not issue birth records.

**NO appointment is needed to update your enrollment. 

**If you are a new enrollment, you must register by emailing your name and phone number to or call 910.522.5468.  

Tips and Recommendations

1. Please have your application completed and any required       documents (e.g. certified county issued birth certificates that includes parent(s)’ names and current photo IDs)                     available for review.

2. If you are adopted or have a child that is subject to an adoption order, please be prepared to provide the biological birth certificate and amended birth certificate. If the biological birth certificate is not available and you know the biological parent(s), we will accept DNA evidence of biological descent. Please be advised that the Enrollment Office reserves the right to request DNA evidence from any applicant or member. 

3. The rolls will close thirty (30) days prior to any Special or Regular Election (typically held in November) and will remain closed thirty (30) after the certification of the election. 

4. If you are applying for new enrollment, attend the historic culture class before coming in to apply for membership.

Week of Archiving (closed to the public for purposes of inputting and archiving records)

  • The Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records will forego closing for archiving until further notice.


$5.00 – Restoration Fine

$30.00 – Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)

$30.00 – Certification of Indian Tuition Waivers

$50.00 – Cost of DNA testing per person (samples will be drawn at a LabCorp facility closest to residence). This is used to prove paternity and maternity ONLY!

FREE – ID cards

FREE – Certificate of Enrollment (issued in the event a child is not present) 

*For Payment, we accept cash, credit/debit, cashier’s checks or money orders.

2024 Office Closures

  • Jan 1 -  New Year's Day

  • Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Day

  • Feb 19 - Presidents' Day

  • Apr 01-  Easter Monday

  • May 27 - Memorial Day

  • June 19 - Juneteenth Day

  • Jul 4 - Independence Day

  • Sep 2 -  Labor Day

  • Oct 14 - Indigenous Day

  • Nov 11 - Veterans Day

  • Nov 28 - Thanksgiving Day

  • Nov 29 - Day after Thanksgiving

  • Dec 23- Dec 27 - Christmas

  • Dec 31 New Year's Eve

  • Jan 1 , 2025 - New Year's Day

Re-certifications / Replacement Cards

All members are required to update their membership once every seven (7) years (per Section 6a of Ordinance CLLO-2010-0121-01). If you are 55 or over and an active member, this requirement is waived.  You DO NOT need to attend the Lumbee History Culture Class. For those members who are enrolled and only need to update their membership, we will continue to take re-certifications on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.  To access and print the re-certification form, use the following link: Re-certification Form.


Please do not forget to bring your county issued certified* birth certificates for yourself and any children under the age of 18. You must be physically present to update your enrollment, unless you meet one of the following exceptions (per Section 6b of Ordinance CLLO-2010-0121-01):

     1.  Members who are 55 years or older are encouraged to periodically update their membership file, but are not required to do so.

     2.  Members serving on active, retired, or honorably discharged military duty outside the tribal territory may update their membership file by completing and mailing a Recertification form to the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records. 

     3.  The spouse and children (or stepchildren) who are tribal members and living with a spouse serving in the military service outside the tribal territory may update their tribal membership by completing and mailing a recertification form to the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records.

     4.  Members who are physically or mentally unable to appear as evidenced by a letter or statement signed by an attending physician or other primary health care provider may update their membership file by completing and mailing a Recertification form to the Office of Tribal Enrollment and Records.


Reena Locklear

Enrollment Director
Phone: 910.522.5474 


Jane Barnhill

Enrollment Receptionist

Phone: 910.522.5468

Amanda Strickland

Phone: 910.522.5473

Chasity Locklear

Intake Specialist

Phone: 910.522.5177


Alyssa Newman

Intake Specialist 
Phone: 910.668.6095

Michelle Gales

Intake Specialist

Phone: 910.668.6519


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