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Memorial for Henry Berry Lowrie

Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin and First Lady Sheila Godwin lay flowers at the memorial for Henry Berry Lowrie for the anniversary of the Indian hero's disappearance. The marker in the Union Chapel community identifies the last place Lowrie was seen before he mysteriously disappeared on February 18, 1872. This was the day after Lowrie and his band robbed a store and the sheriffs office of $25,000 during the tumultuous days of the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War. There are many theories surrounding his disappearance but no one knows for sure what happened. The tribal chairman portrayed Henry Berry Lowrie several years in the outdoor drama Strike At The Wind! This was Godwin's first trip to the memorial. He was unaware it was there and commended the people responsible for placing the monument there in Lowries honor. Godwin said he hopes to meet the property owners to discuss building a wall around the memorial to further honor Lowrie's memory. "It's important for us to honor our Indian heroes. I hope to meet with the people who bought this monument and who keep it maintained. This is a wonderful gesture," Godwin said


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