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Chairman Lowery honored Miss Indian North Carolina for her representation to the Lumbee Tribe

On Thursday, the Lumbee Tribal Council and Lumbee Tribal Chairman John Lowery honored Miss Indian North Carolina Jayla Locklear for her representation and dedication to the Lumbee Tribe. District 9 Tribal Councilman Dewey McNeill presented Jayla with a beaded Eagle feather on behalf of the Tribal Council. The feather was beaded by Mr. Reggie Brewer. Chairman Lowery also presented her with a beautiful pottery award. The council also honored her with a standing ovation. This year, Jayla has represented all N.C. tribes with honor and dignity. As Miss Indian NC, Jayla represents the 8 N.C. eight state and federally recognized tribes and 4 urban Indian organizations. Her platform is “Speak up & speak loud, stand up against bullying.

Jayla is majoring in biology at UNC Pembroke. She hopes to attend PA or medical school. Jayla is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe of N.C.


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