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Southern Spirit Elders Present Quilt to Lumbee Tribe

Southern Spirit Elders presented a full sized quilt to Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. on Monday. The quilt, which is titled “Southern Spirit Quilt’, will be displayed for the month of September at the Lumbee Tribal Complex located at 6984 N.C. 711 in Pembroke.

This quilt was hand stitched and crafted by members of the Southern Spirit Elders Group located in the Rowland Community. The group meets every Wednesday at 9 a.m.

It takes approximately six weeks to make a quilt of this size. The quilt features unique patterns that are accented with distinguishing florescent designs that allow the quilt to have a distinctive and refined presence.

Ms. Dorothy Chavis and Ms. Evelyn Jacobs expressed much pride in their group’s work. Ms. Chavis also stated that Southern Spirit does not only use their technique to make handstitched quilts, but are heavily involved in other activities such as making clothing, seat covers, and other various crafts.

Anyone interested in viewing or purchasing the artwork, may visit the Lumbee Tribe or call (910) 521-7861 for more information.

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