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We Still Believe

UNC Health Southeastern Update Offers Hope.

The COVID-19 Vaccination rate is rising for Robeson County. On Wednesday, Robeson County passed two other counties in the state for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Thank you to Dr. Joseph Roberts, Vice President/CMO, UNC Health Southeastern, Dr. Obiefuna Okoye, Infectious Diseases Medical Director, UNC Health Southeastern and Jordan Deese, Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at UNC Health Southeastern for offering this important COVID-19 information Update for the Lumbee People. But especially, we appreciate the UNC Health Southeastern Staff for caring for our Lumbee Family and community. Dr. Obiefuna Okoye was the first person in Robeson County to receive the COVID-10 vaccination. It is anticipated that he has taken care of more patients with COVID than any other provider in the state.


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