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Strike at the Wind! Tickets still available!

Tickets are still available for the “Strike at the Wind!” Outdoor Drama. Don't miss the legendary performance this weekend at UNC Pembroke’s Givens Performing Arts Center. The legend of Henry Berry Lowry lives on the GPAC stage this year due to renovations which are underway at the Adolph Dial Amphitheater. The play is Friday, July 21 and Saturday, 22 at 7:30 p.m. “Strike at the Wind!” is one of the longest-running outdoor dramas in N.C. The drama debuted at the Lumbee Tribal Cultural Center in 1976.

Most the 2022 season cast is returning, including Bill Oxendine and Cheyenne Ward, who are playing the leads, Henry Berry and Rhoda. This summer’s cast is one of the largest in recent memory.

The play tells the story of the Lowrie War in 1865. It chronicles the life of Henry Berry Lowrie, who led a band of men in a seven-year battle after the Confederate Home Guard murdered Henry's father and brother. Henry and the Lowrie gang exacted a vigilante justice against the Home Guard of Robeson County and those who actively oppressed the Indian people. Though the Lowrie gang were regarded as outlaws and renegades by those on the wrong end of their guns, the Indian people for whom they fought hail them to this day as Heroes.

Tickets are $10. For tickets, visit or call the GPAC Box Office at 910.521.6361. Doors open at 7.


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