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Lumbee Nation Economic Summit Regisration

Tribal rolls are currently closed for new enrollments as we evaluate our existing processes and work toward making improvements. Tribal enrollment is a key issue throughout Indian Country and concepts such as sovereignty, blood quantum, authenticity and legitimacy, often play a large role in any discussion of this subject matter.

We are excited to have Robert A. Williams, Jr., the Regents Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Chair of the University of Arizona Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program, join us at the 2018 Lumbee Nation Economic Summit to discuss tribal enrollment reform. Professor Williams, a Lumbee who received his Doctorate from Harvard Law School, is well-versed in navigating tribal law and the often tumultuous waters that surround tribal enrollment reform. Don't miss his presentation at this year's Summit on May 23, 2018.

Register for the 2018 Lumbee Nation Economic Summit at .

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