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Lumbee Tribal Chairman Lowery's Monthly Report for March.

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Lowery's Monthly Report for March.

Dear Lumbee People,

In March, we welcomed Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Richard Monocchio from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to our Tribal Territory. Deputy Assistant Secretary Monocchio visited our housing development in Raynham, toured our Pembroke Boys & Girls Club, and toured one of our new homes in the Arrowpoint Subdivision. Deputy Assistant Secretary Monocchio and his staff enjoyed his visit with us as the Lumbee Tribe continues to be a leader in housing development within all of Indian Country.

We are happy to announce that the Lumbee Tribe has received grant funding for the “Enlightening Native Daughters” (END) program. This program will allow the Lumbee Tribe to assist victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking by providing safety, support, intervention, court advocacy, and related services to those victims. From our tribal citizens who keep us in the loop on this type of funding, to my grant writing team, to our partners at the state level, I am thankful to everyone who played a role in bringing this funding to the Lumbee People. The Lumbee Tribe is committed to working with our partners to decrease the amount of domestic violence and to continue to help those affected.

I had the honor to join our staff from the Agriculture and Natural Resources department as we planted 450 Long Leaf Pines at the Lumbee Culture Center. This effort was made possible through our partnerships with the Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association, the Lumbee Cultural Burn Association, the Nature Conservancy, and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. With the planting of these trees and different grasses native to our territory, our tribe is working to ensure the continued growth of our natural resources while maintaining a vibrant Cultural Center through traditional tribal practices.

On March 29th the Lumbee Tribe lost one of our elders and trusted leaders, Mr. Noah Woods. Mr. Noah was a long-time educator, a County Commissioner, and a statesman for our people, as he always represented us with dignity and class. I always enjoyed speaking with Mr. Noah, as so many knew him, and hearing him talk about his close bond with my grandma Luellen and the Bullard side of my family. With the passing of Mr. Noah, and recently of his wife Dr. Ruth Dial Woods, our people have lost a true power couple that was devoted to public service and carried out the biblical teaching of love their neighbor as thyself. Mr. Noah will be missed by all of the lives whom he touched.

I love each of you,

John L. Lowery

Chairman's Monthly Report March 2024
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