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Lumbee Tribe Welcome's Walmart

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin and tribal administrators met with a Walmart management team Tuesday to discuss a partnership between the tribe and the retail giant. Pembroke Walmart Manager Ponce Chavis facilitated the meeting along with the chairman. The local leaders have collaborated on several projects since Chairman Godwin took office in January.

The Pembroke Walmart sold t-shirts for the Dance of the Spring Moon Powwow as well as the Lumbee Homecoming. The chairman is hoping for even more partnerships between the tribe and Walmart. In addition to a tour of the tribal complex and the Boys and Girls Club, Chairman Godwin also gave the Walmart team a tour of the Cultural Center and he gave a background history of the tribe as well as the Cultural Center. “I’m excited about the partnership,” Godwin said. “We are taking baby steps now, but we will form a partnership that will be beneficial to all.”

For more information about volunteering for the Lumbee Tribe, visit or call (910) 521-7861.


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