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Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Customer Service

Customer service is what Lanedra Strickland, left, and Kristie Revels, right, are all about. These women are the faces and voices of the Lumbee Tribe. The pair are known for their excellent customer service skills, greeting visitors to the tribal complex with friendly voices and warm smiles.

Lanedra is the main office receptionist and Kristie is the Tribal Housing Office Manager. Lanedra is the daughter of the Rev. Jimmy and Brenda Strickland. She lives in Pembroke with her 18-year-old son. Lanedra has worked for the tribe for about a year.Kristie is the daughter of Wesley and Sharon Revels. She lives in Pembroke with her daughter and two sons. Kristie has worked for the tribe for nearly five years.

Anyone looking for information on tribal services and programs may reach Lanedra or Kristie at (910) 521-7861 or visit on the web


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