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Reflections on the Battle of Hayes Pond with Dr. Jim Jones, Mr. Jack Lowery and Chairman John Lowery

Thank you to Dr. Jim Jones and Mr. Jack Lowery for sharing their wonderful memories of the Battle of Hayes Pond in this live segment with Lumbee Tribal Chairman John Lowery. The information was very eye opening about the events surrounding the battle which drove the KKK out of Robeson County on January 18, 1958. It was also exciting to see detailed accounts of the planning for the battle and even interactions with law enforcement. We truly are thankful for every family who stood up for hate on that cold day in January, 65 years ago. Their determination made a difference for our communities and for our Lumbee children. Lumbee families, we hope you will take the time to encourage all of your family members, but especially your children to watch this video! Thank you to everyone who logged on around the nation. We will have at least one additional video coming out next week.


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