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North Carolina's Severe Weather Preparedness Week

As a part of North Carolina's Severe Weather Preparedness Week, the state will host a Statewide Tornado Drill on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 9:30 AM. We encourage all of our Lumbee Tribal Members to take time this week, but especially tomorrow to talk about tornado safety with your families. Every school, business, workplace, and family across the state is strongly encouraged to participate in this drill. It is important that all schools and businesses are aware that the drill will be broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio and the Emergency Alert System via the Required Monthly Test (RMT). There will not be an actual Tornado Warning issued.

Find out what you can do when a tornado strikes. Acting quickly is key to staying safe and minimizing impacts.

Stay Weather-Ready: Continue to listen to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio to stay updated about tornado watches and warnings.

At Your House: If you are in a tornado warning, go to your basement, safe room, or an interior room away from windows. Don't forget pets if time allows.

At Your Workplace or School: Follow your tornado drill and proceed to your tornado shelter location quickly and calmly. Stay away from windows and do not go to large open rooms such as cafeterias, gymnasiums, or auditoriums.

Outside: Seek shelter inside a sturdy building immediately if a tornado is approaching. Sheds and storage facilities are not safe. Neither is a mobile home or tent. If you have time, get to a safe building.

In a vehicle: Being in a vehicle during a tornado is not safe. The best course of action is to drive to the closest shelter. If you are unable to make it to a safe shelter, either get down in your car and cover your head, or abandon your car and seek shelter in a low lying area such as a ditch or ravine.

For more information, please visit the NWS Raleigh Severe Weather Preparedness Week web site at


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