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Congratulations to the 2022 Lumbee Tribal Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 Lumbee Tribal Scholarship Recipients. The 108 scholarship winners were recognized on Thursday night at the Scholarship Ceremony. It is a great day because during this ceremony, the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. distributed more than $100,000 in scholarships to Lumbee high school and college students. The scholarships also included four Agricultural Scholarships, six Kernice Lee Locklear Scholarships and the two Garrett Goolsby Scholarships. Congratulations to the students on their hard work and the parents for encouraging them. These scholarship recipients are attending 2-year and 4-year colleges around the southeast, but also several colleges around the nation.

The recipients are:

Sarah Lowry Olivia N Bullard Caitlin A Smith Reanna Grimsley Noah J Freeman Jeremy B Hunt Chloe L Locklear Jeb O Crews Marijo K. Wilkes Caris A Lynch Reanna Grimsley Katelyn E. Harris

Soraya J Locklear Dante T Jones Jalyn Herndon Josey R Locklear Stella M Hardin Kaitlyn L Brayboy Tehya R Bullard Chenoa E Chavis Ashton A Sumpter Logan A Lowery Alyssa L Brooks Sara K Strickland Peyton C Brooks Jada B Allen Cheyenne C Oxendine William A Smith Kinsley L. Locklear Philip C Revels Syniah L. Lancaster Morgan S. Locklear Angelica G Locklear Trinity R Jones Aaron L. Dial Marijo K. Wilkes Chelsey P Wilkes Hunter Jolicoeur Tristan L Clark Ethan C Wilkins Dylan Hammonds Brooklyn H Oxendine Cutler W Bryant Ernest J Bratcher Kearston P Freeman Layla K. Locklear Oscar C Locklear Jordan O. Jones Francine N. Cummings Emily T Goins Caris A Lynch Madison Brewer Vincent M Locklear Jaelyn S Locklear Stephen M Strickland Kinslee A Morgan Caden G Locklear Halie J Allen Leah C Jacobs Brianna M Graham Cameron E Graham Johnaca M Hunt Celine E Locklear Khaile F Jones Leanna F Deese Chloe L Locklear Dylan J Deese Summer P Bullard Alexis D Rogers Zachary B Scott Jayden W Locklear Garrett Gerber Bradley L. Bullard Myra N Berumen Asa Gist Cierra L Bell India Godwin Jade G Jones Mackenzie L Harland Emily L Deese Emilee B Ransom Hayley J Jacobs Evie Locklear Corena Hammonds Anyla H Hunt Rebekah D Hammonds Justus Brewington Jada L Locklear Kaitlynn N. Locklear Camden M Williams Bryan C Miller Taylor Chavis Krya N Smith Nahava A. Clark-Chavis Jamie E Brunson Jessica R Evans Katelyn E. Harris Benjamin S Adams Hallie G Chavis Jeb O Crews


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