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A Week of Reading With Dr. Seuss

Kids across our tribal communities have been reading and dressing up as Dr. Seuss all week long in honor of National Read Across America Day, a time set aside to honor the birthday (March 2) of Dr. Seuss. According to sources, if March 2 falls on a weekend, it is observed in the school systems on the school day closest to March 2nd. This day and week is one that encourages and motivates kids everywhere to celebrate reading. Luckily for us, Chairman Harvey Godwin, Tribal Council Speaker Bobby Oxendine, and Tribal Council Representative Anita Blanks Hammonds all joined in with the festivities by having kids read to them, and they in turn reading to the kids. It has been a fun filled day and week of reading accompanied by lots of hugs and thank yous.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. May we all continue the love of reading that you instilled in us through your wonderful books and characters.

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