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Traditional Lumbee Shawl

This stunning, traditional Lumbee shawl was handcrafted by members of the Soaring Eagle Elders Club on Norment Road in Lumberton. The group meets every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

These Lumbee elders spent countless hours meticulously stitching the traditional Lumbee pinecone patchwork designs into the polyester Gabardine material. They spent three weeks alone hand stitching the holes for the purple tassels adorning the shawl.

Audrey Locklear and Elsie Hunt delivered the artwork to Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwinon Monday to display in the lobby of the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex at 6984 N.C. 711 in Pembroke.

The shawl features a classy purple pinecone patchwork design in the back center constructed from 2-inch square fabric patterns hand stitched perfectly into place. A stylish pinecone pebble adorns the center to hide the final stitches while a white lace covers the outer layer of stitches.

Anyone interested in viewing the artwork, may visit the Lumbee Tribe or call (910) 521-7861 for more information.

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