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The Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Lake is Restocked with Fish after 6 Years

As we prepared for the Annual Fall Festival and Fish Fry, there was an extra special reason for our tribe to be thankful this year. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission brought 11,000 fish to restock the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Lake. This is the first time the lake has been restocked with fish since Hurricane Matthew damaged the lake in 2016. Since the lake was refilled with water in March of this year, our elders began the restocking process themselves. They would sometimes walk the fish that they catch in the spillway across the road and put them into the lake.

Today the lake is restocked with 10,000 Red Breast Sun Fish and 1000 Channel Catfish. The fish came from the N.C. Fish hatchery which is utilized for public waterways across N.C. The Lumbee Tribe is thankful for the assistance of N.C. Senator Danny Britt and our legislative delegation for assisting with this as well as so many other pieces to restore our Cultural Center to a place where our community can once again fish, swim, exercise, and just enjoy the beauty of the center.

The fish need time to mature to full size. The Lumbee Tribe will advertise when fishing is available once again at the lake.


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