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Thank you to the U.S. Army at Shaw AFB for warmly welcoming the  Lumbee Tribe Culture Team

Thank you to the U.S. Army at Shaw Air Force Base for warmly welcoming the  Lumbee Tribe Culture Team to participate in their American Indian Heritage Month Observance: Tribal Nations Soaring to New Heights.  The Lumbee Tribe Culture Team provided a cultural demonstration consisting of a Men’s Eastern Woodland regalia and dance, a women’s traditional Pinecone Patchwork regalia, a blow gun demonstration, as well as a friendship round dance!

Lieutenant General (United States Army Central (USARCENT) Commanding General) Patrick Frank brought opening remarks; Lieutenant Colonel (R) Caleb Malcolm, Lumbee citizen and President of Lumbee Tribe Enterprises, LLC, was the guest speaker; Command Historian Michael Clauss provided the Profile of Valor centered around Second Lieutenant Van T. Barfoot; OCS Chief James Locklear, Lumbee citizen, provided a brief history on the Lumbee Tribe of NC; and Colonel (Assistant Chief of Staff, G8) David Vandevander brought closing remarks.

Malcolm touched on the topic of Heritage, in terms of what heritage truly means. He stated that more American Indians have served in the military than any other group of people. Malcolm continued by naming several Lumbee heroes that served within the military. He closed by challenging everyone to spend at least 1 day out of 730 days to learn about American Indians.

Thank you, again, for the invitation and opportunity to showcase Lumbee culture! It was a great way to end American Indian Heritage Month.


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