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Thank you to the Appalachian State University for hosting a Lumbee Flag Ceremony

Thank you to the Appalachian State University Office of Diversity and the A.S. U. Student American Indian Movement as well as Chancellor Sheri Everts and the university Administration for hosting a Lumbee Flag Ceremony this week to place the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. flag in the International Hall of Plemmonds Student Union on the university campus. The ceremony on Monday was in honor of the contributions of Lumbee students, faculty and staff to the campus.

The Lumbee Tribal Council, Tribal Administrator Ricky Harris and several members of the Lumbee Tribal staff attended the ceremony. The Council Members also presented a special gift to Cierra Bell for her hard work and extraordinary representation of "Her People", the Lumbee Tribe. From the kindness of everyone on campus to our Lumbee Tribal Council and staff to the collard sandwiches at the reception, it was beautiful. We say thank you for honoring the Lumbee Tribe, but also for your welcoming kindness and showing love to our Lumbee young people on the Appalachian State University Campus.


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