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Sodexo Serves Up Traditional Native Cuisine to UNCP Students for American Indian Heritage Month

Thank you to the Sodexo company at UNC Pembroke for spotlighting and serving up a tasty traditional Native meal on the university food line for the past two days for students and staff. On the line on Wednesday was tomatoes and rice, squash, corn, carrots, chicken, beans and quinoa. On Tuesday, they even served rabbit. Rice was brought to us, it is not an Indigenous food, but tomatoes are and it is served throughout our Lumbee families. In the kitchen cooking all this beautiful food on Wednesday was Lumbee Chefs Cekina Locklear and Linda Jacobs. They said all the food is cooked fresh. Sodexo spotlights various cultures throughout the month. Today the staff also hosted a class on how to use Thanksgiving leftovers. On Thursday night, you can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. How was the food? The tomatoes and rice, corn, squash, all would definitely not last long in most of our homes. It was delicious! Well done!


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