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Lumbee Tribe of NC 2021 Progress of Housing Developments

Development is Underway Across the Lumbee Tribal Nation. The Lumbee Tribe of N.C. has many single-family construction projects underway throughout our service areas of Robeson, Scotland, Hoke and Cumberland Counties. We are proud to announce several housing developments as well. The first one is the District 1 Elders' Village, designed to create long awaited safe and healthy living in the Rowland community. Along with housing developments, the Lumbee Tribe also has the Dreamcatcher projects’ in the Raynham, Community, Pembroke Community and Union Chapel Community. The Lumbee Tribe is also excited to announce its Veterans Village, located in Raynham, NC, which will afford safe and sanitary housing for Lumbee Tribal Member Veterans.

We also extended the Youth Service Program in the Saddletree Community with a space to promote healthy living. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to look at other projects that will change the face of our Tribal Community, while creating affordable housing and growth opportunities for our Lumbee Tribal Members.


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