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Lumbee Tribe LIHCAP Summer Cooling program Funds Depleted

The funds for the Lumbee Tribe LIHCAP (Low Income Household Cooling and Water Assistance Program) summer cooling program have been exhausted. For people who had planned to apply for summer energy assistance over the next 3 weeks, we apologize, but the funds have run out. The reason for the shortage of funds for our summer cooling program is due to a high demand of energy this past winter. We had an additional 3,000 people to apply for assistance in the winter time.

Even though the Summer Cooling program is not available, the Water Assistance Program is still available. The Water Assistance program is available for families to assist with late payments or restart water service, which may have been interrupted. It can also assist with water hook if you are receiving new water service or a new meter. You may apply Monday through Friday from 8 am till 4 pm at the Lumbee Tribe Housing Complex.


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