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Lumbee Tribe Host Mini Powwow 2022 for Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls Club Members

Today the seven Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls Clubs’ hosted our Annual Boys & Girls “End of Summer Camp Mini–Powwow.”

The event is a culmination of cultural activities including dance, drumming, singing, pottery making, basket weaving and other cultural art activities, which took place during the summer camps. More than 300 children participated in the Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls Clubs’ summer camps. Today the children also had an opportunity to showcase things they made during the summer. This event is more than just fun. It is an important part of summer camp because it teaches the children about the powwow. At our other events they may just see the dancing, but this event gives them an opportunity to learn about and understand grand entry, the tribute to veterans, presentation of the tribal colors and much more.

Thank you to the Lumbee Tribe Ambassadors and other visitors who came out to assist with the teaching of our children. Also thank you to Mrs. Cindy Locklear for assisting the children all summer by teaching them how to make baskets and coming today to showcase the children’s beautiful finished works. We would also like to thank Angela Lombardy and Ashley Moody and the N.C. Museum of Art for supporting our art and cultural program this summer as well as art projects across the state of N.C. Thank you to the Cumberland County Cultural Team for coming out today to dance during the celebration.


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