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Lumbee Holdings, Inc. Approves FY 2025 Distribution to Lumbee Tribe


Lumbee Holdings, Inc. Approves FY 2025 Distribution to Lumbee Tribe

Pembroke, NC, June 26, 2024 – The Lumbee Tribe Holdings, Inc. (dba Lumbee Holdings, Inc.) Board of Directors has approved its annual distribution to the L

umbee Tribe of North Carolina – the sole shareholder of Lumbee Holdings, Inc. (LH). The fiscal year 2025 distribution of $600,000 will be spent in accordance with the Tribal government’s budgeting process, which is a collaboration between the Tribal Chairman and Tribal Council.

“It is truly an honor to present these critical funds annually to the Lumbee Tribe as it supports its tribal citizens and community,” stated LH CEO Joshua D. Malcolm. “Daily, the employees that make up the Lumbee Holdings, Inc. family of companies are laser focused on continuing our established track record of exceeding expectations for our federal agency partners so we can maintain our support to the Tribe.”

The annual distribution is made by LH in advance of the Tribe’s fiscal year, which begins October 1st. Funds are allocated to benefit objectives as determined by the Lumbee Tribal government. In the past, LH distributions have been used to support scholarships, various veterans and elders programs, and other cultural activities that are utilized by the Tribal citizens.

About Lumbee Holdings, Inc.

Lumbee Holdings, Inc. (LH) was established in May 2011 with the strategic focus of sourcing and providing the necessary services to ensure the mission success of our industry and Government customers. Currently consisting of four (4) subsidiaries, each with its own distinct offerings of products and talent, Lumbee Holdings, Inc. is committed to providing resources to assist the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina with the development of various programs and services aimed at benefiting its Tribal citizens. This synergy between business and community further drives Lumbee Holdings’ commitment to success. Lumbee Holdings, Inc. is wholly owned by the Lumbee Tribe.

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