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Heating and Water Assistance Program

***** Please Share with the Elders in your community********

The Lumbee Tribe LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program is extended through January. Applications will be accepted through Friday, January 28, 2022. Due to the high volume and need for energy assistance, the Lumbee Tribe is going to extend the application process. Also because of the holidays we want to make sure we are able to reach everyone. Anyone with an incomplete application, please submit all applications by January 28th.

APPLY ONLINE at If unable to apply online, completed applications may be delivered to the drop box at the Lumbee Tribe Housing Complex at 6984 NC 711 West Pembroke, NC.

The ( LIHWAP) Low Income Household Water Assistance Program is on-going. You may complete an application at anytime. The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) will provide water assistance throughout the tribal territory. LIHWAP shall address restoration of services to households without current water services, immediate payment of existing arrearages to prevent disconnection of drinking water or wastewater, establishing household water services, or provide a monthly benefit payment.



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