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August is LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program) Action Month.

August is LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program) Action Month. The Lumbee Tribe of N.C. is thankful for the opportunity to participate in this program, which is making such a difference for our Lumbee Citizens. LIHEAP is a federal program that was established on August 13th, 1981. This program assists low income families to pay for utilities, allowing for heating through the winter, cooling during the summer, and keeping the lights on for many. The Lumbee Tribe of N.C. Department of Energy has provided $1.1 million in LIHEAP funds to approximately 6,000 members for this fiscal year.

Even though the Lumbee Tribe’s Department of Energy won’t begin accepting applications until around October, the department is currently receiving applications for the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP). Through CIP, individuals and families may receive funds to pay for cooling needs that are emergency related. To be eligible, the household must have at least one Lumbee tribal member that is 18 or older, meet income criteria, provide all needed documentation (checklist is on our Department of Energy website), and provide proof of hardship. The Lumbee Tribe Energy Department also has funds for Water Assistance through the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). This program may assist with water bills, connection to county water meters and or establishing new water service. To apply, visit the Lumbee Tribe Energy Department Monday through Friday from 8 am through 4 pm.

As part of LIHEAP month, here are some facts and tips that may help you to save on your utilities: -Program your thermostat to turn down the heat at night, but increase when it is time to wake up -Close the door when going outside to keep the room temperature maintained, decreasing A/C need -Check for leaks; a leaking toilet can waste more than 52,000 gallons per year -10% - 25% of the utility bill goes towards heating water; decrease your bill by making sure the tank and pipes are insulted, turning down the water temperature to 120 fahrenheit, and installing a timer that heats the water at peak times -Check, clean, and replace air filters regularly, which decreases the workload on an A/C unit and provides better filtration

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