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Jessica Mancilla Receives Down Payment Assistance

Having been raised in the St. Pauls’ community and still living there, Jessica and her family will soon move into their first stick-built home. Moving from a mobile home to a permanent house has the entire family excited, actually on pins and needles, as the old saying goes. Jessica and her husband have four girls, ages 12, 10, 5, and 1. She has been verbally prepping the girls for the move and she says, “They can’t wait to get into the home.” And even though she is excited, Jessica believes her Mom is actually more excited than anyone else about this move. Fortunately for this family, the home they will be moving into is across the street from their current location. This proximity to the house allowed her to investigate the potential for purchasing it as soon as the house went onto the market, and receiving Down Payment Assistance will move them one step closer to the American Dream of home ownership. The home has three bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen & dining area with an adjoining family room, and central air and heat.

North St. Pauls is represented by Tribal Councilman Ricky Burnett.

Congratulations to Jessica and her family on this major accomplishment.

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