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Living the American Dream

With her home nearing completion, Ms. Brittany Lane Locklear is beaming with excitement at the thought of moving into her own home. With assistance provided through the Tribal Home Ownership Program, Ms. Locklear will soon be moving into a new brick home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Ms. Locklear’s home is a prime example of what the Tribe’s Housing Program is all about – helping our people move into safe, affordable, sanitary housing. Ms. Brittany Lane Locklear is every parent’s ideal child: successful, kind, happy, and compassionate. Brittany is the 30-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James and Delois Locklear. The Locklear family are lifetime members of the Allenton Community that is represented by District 14 Tribal Council Member Barbara Lowery.

Brittany has one older sister with whom she lived prior to moving back in with her parents, where she has been living for the past three years. Her new home will also be located in the Allenton community. Brittany is a graduate of UNC-P with a BA and MA in Biology and the Sciences. She taught biology for seven (7) years at Lumberton Senior High School. She recently moved to Bladen Community College to assume a position as an instructor in the Biology Department. When asked what the construction of this home meant to her, Brittany replied, “I’ve been saving for my own home since I was 18, and I wanted to do it on my own, the right way.” She picked out the cabinets, light units, cabinet pulls, flooring, bathroom fixtures, and paint colors, essentially everything to make the home uniquely hers.

As an established baker, Brittany is looking forward to baking in her new kitchen, a skill she learned from her Mom. Her signature dish is a Sour Cream Pound Cake. Brittany say it has been a “really good experience” working with Tribal Staff. Anthony Holden, New Construction Manager, asserted that Brittany provided “great owner input and cooperation” and went on to say, “We enjoy building these homes as they are the Great American Dream.” Kathy Locklear, Financial Education/Housing Manager, echoed these sentiments, saying, “She [Brittany] has been a pleasure to work with and it’s good to help someone realize their dream.” On behalf of everyone here at the Tribal Office, we wish Brittany much success and happiness as she settles into her new home.

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