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Children from the Pembroke Boys and Girls Club show off the Lumbee Tribe's new 2016 Lumbee Homec

Lumbee Tribe’s t-shirts available at Lumbee Tribal Office and Pembroke Walmart

PEMBROKE – Lumbee Homecoming t-shirts will be available tomorrow at the Pembroke Walmart and at the Lumbee Tribe’s housing complex in Pembroke.

The shirts go on sale for $12 each at 8 a.m. on Thursday at the tribe. They are available in all sizes up to 3X. The colors are khaki, slate gray, red and sky blue.

Lumbee artist Chevron Lowery designed the t-shirts. They feature a computer-enhanced image of a Native American warrior with a variety of vibrant colors exploding from the image.

The t-shirts will be available at Walmart tomorrow and at the Lumbee Tribe’s office at 8 a.m.

Lowery is a native of Lumberton. He is the son of Wendell and Gloria Lowery.

He had a wonderful art teacher who inspired him greatly – his mother – a retired art teacher and prominent Lumbee artist.

Lowery said his parents taught him a great appreciation of his culture. He said as a child coming through the Robeson County school system, he always had close ties to his Native community.

“I have always had the greatest respect for my people as my father regaled me with stories of the struggle and triumphs of our past,” Lowery said. “As an influential participant in the rise of Lumbee political power and presence, he and my mother have great insights into what it was and is to be a Lumbee Indian. My mother was an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge for my own artistic endeavors.”

Lowery said it has been a pleasure designing the Lumbee Tribe’s 2016 Lumbee Homecoming shirt.

His artwork bursting from the front of the shirt in a colorful design of his imagination gives him a sense of pride. But, the tribal logo adorning the back brings all that pride full circle.

It brings him back to the time he first heard stories of his people’s rich heritage and history. And, those endless hours of lessons from his favorite teacher of all time.

She is still there to lend a helping hand as well, Lowery said.

“Having her experience and skill to lean on has meant a great deal to me,” Lowery said. “I strive to be as creative and as skilled as she is. There is a great reservoir of talent in our people, and I am glad that there are sources like the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina that help promote them.”

The t-shirts are available for $11.88 at the Pembroke Walmart. They will be available for $12 at the tribe tomorrow. For more information, visit or call (910) 521-7861.

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