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Lumbee Tribe Housing Inspector Patrick Hunt

Lumbee Tribe housing inspector Patrick Hunt checks a new construction project on Preston Road near Pembroke in March. Construction on the new home is almost complete. New Construction Manager Anthony Holden said the tribe’s housing department inspects new construction projects daily to ensure that contractors are following building codes. Holden said the tribe sets its codes in accordance with the county’s building codes, but inspects daily to make sure contractors are using quality materials and building the homes to the highest possible standard. The Lumbee Tribe recently completed work on six houses that started last year and has another five under construction. The tribe recently accepted bids on four new homes with construction set to begin this week, according to Holden. He said he expects to get bids for four additional houses in August.

For more information, call Anthony Holden or Kathy Locklear at (910) 521-7861 or on the web.

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