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Ashley Barton with the Department of Energy

Ashley Barton is an administrative assistant for the Lumbee Tribe’s eEnergy department. She has worked for the tribe for four years. Ashley started working in the energy department in March after having previously worked as mentor coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club. She said she really enjoys her job because she has a chance to help fellow tribal members. “I just think it’s wonderful getting to meet such a diverse segment of the Lumbee community,” she said. “We get to meet Lumbees from all over the United States.” Ashley is 31 and is a 2003 graduate of Purnell Swett High School. She lives in Pembroke with her three children.

Ashley is the daughter of Roger Barton and the late Teresa Barton. Ashley said the mission of The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina Department of Energy is to serve as a service institution for American Indian families in Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson and Scotland counties by addressing household heating and cooling issues through safe, healthy and educational initiatives.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides families and individuals with cash benefits toward their household heating and cooling source. The payment is sent directly to provider on their behalf. For more information, call Patrick Strickland, Department of Energy Manager at (910) 522-2206 or send an email to on the web.

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