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Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin visits with Magnolia School's baseball and softball teams

Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin greeted the boys and girls of Magnolia School's baseball and softball teams Monday evening during an impromptu meeting as the team was leaving the local McDonalds following a game at Pembroke Middle. The students were excited about meeting the chairman who congratulated them on their hustle and dedication as student athletes. The chairman encouraged them to keep working hard and representing the Lumbee people well. Chairman Godwin's an avid fan of youth sports and believes in supporting our young student athletes. "These students and young people everywhere are to be commended for their determination to succeed. I'm so proud of all the talented young people we have representing the Lumbee Tribe. Congratulations to the parents and all of the teachers and coaches guiding our young people on a pathway to success. That's what it's all about.

Our future is looking much brighter with such a talented group of young people learning from the many wonderful educators we have here," Godwin said. The chairman played first base at Pembroke High in the early 1970s under the former coach, Dr. Ray Brayboy, a baseball and education legend among the Lumbees. Brayboy, a three-time All American at UNCP, spoke highly of Godwin during a recent conversation. The chairman still remains in great shape physically at age 61 and trains regularly at a local gym. He has stressed the importance of eating well and staying active throughout his tenure as chairman. He said the student athletes at Magnolia and other schools are fine examples of how beneficial it is to stay in shape. The chairman encourages everyone to follow the examples set by these talented youth among our tribe. "We should all try to live healthier lifestyles like these young people. The benefits of healthy living are immense. It's inspiring to see what they are doing and I'm excited that we have so many talented young people who are blazing a trail of studying hard and staying in shape." Tribal Chairman Harvey

Godwin invited all the students to the Lumbee Spring powwow May 6-8 before leaving and encouraged them to be proud of their Indian culture. "We have a rich heritage and thank God for blessing us with so many talented young people. They are our future and we should all keep lifting them up. I so proud of all our youth," Godwin said.

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