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NC Native Leadership Institute Members Visit the Lumbee Tribal Complex

PEMBROKE — Members of the North Carolina Native Leadership Institute met with Lumbee tribal leadership during a visit to Pembroke on Thursday.

The 23-member delegation stopped by the Tribal Office during their 3-day stay in Robeson County. The members were made up all the state’s American Indian tribes.

The NC Native Leadership is the only culturally tailored leadership-training program in the state for Native leaders interested in sharpening their leadership skills, expanding networks, and fostering unity across all tribes and Indian communities in North Carolina.

“We are excited to have such an esteemed group of young leaders here with us today,” said Chairman Harvey Godwin Jr. “We need young Indian leaders to serve on the Tribal Council and serve in other roles in their area. Thank you for your commitment to your respective communities and we look forward to partnering with you in the future.”

The North Carolina Native Leadership Institute is offered by the UNC American Indian Center and supported by the North Carolina Community Development Initiative

Godwin was presented with gifts from Amy Locklear Hertel, director of the UNC American Indian Center.

Other staff accompanied Hertel, including Christina Strickland Theodorou, NC Native Asset Coalition Project Manager and Randi Byrd, Community Engagement Coordinator.

The group held meetings at the new Two Streams Community Center in Prospect. Chancellor Robin Cummings at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke also hosted them.

The Leadership Institute last two years. During year one, there are three weekend gatherings, which rotate around the state. During year two, cohort members will be supported as they implement regional projects. The inaugural cohort consists of participants from a variety of backgrounds, from recent college graduates and grassroots organizers to tribal administrators and council representatives.


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