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Pembroke Club take part in Roadside Cleanup

Members of Pembroke Boys & Girls Club recently took the streets to take part in a “Roadside Cleanup” Project.

Seven members of the Keystone Club picked up trash along Chicken Road near the Arrowpoint Acres subdivision in Pembroke. The students filled several large orange trash bags. The Keystone Club is a program that builds character in teens by challenging youth to create and maintain high standards of character and citizenship, health and education in order for them to become responsible, productive adults.

The club is for students ages 14 to 18. Community service and service projects are two of the focus areas of the club.

The Keystone Club members that participated in the Roadside Cleanup Project were Isaac Fulmer, Paige Freeman, Hailey Pate, Ester Brayboy, Jerica Jacobs, Abigail Collins, Alessa Locklear, Hannah Locklear and Jarrett Strickland.

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