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1956 Lumbee Act

On this day in 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the 1956 Lumbee Act. With this legislation, the United States Congress simultaneously acknowledged the Lumbee as an American Indian Nation and denied the Lumbee services and benefits based on their Indian status.

1953 – 1968 is known as the termination era of Federal Indian Policy, during which Congress terminated its relationship with 109 Indian nations. The Lumbee Act was passed during this time frame. The Federal Government has since ended its termination era policies and restored relationships with American Indian Tribes impacted by the termination era. Except for the Lumbee. Today, the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina is the only tribe that continues to be subject to termination era policy.

Today we honor the efforts of our ancestors, forefathers and all Lumbee Diplomats who worked toward our recognition. We believe this a just cause and we continue to look for the day when their labor will be justified and our people given the appropriate and full federal recognition. God bless the Lumbee Nation!

Photo - Robeson County Delegation fighting for recognition in Washington, D.C. - c. 1925 Collection of the Museum of the Southeast American Indian.


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