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Weekly COVID-19 Report (9/14-9/20/2021) Positive Cases for Robeson County Residents

Weekly COVID-19 Report (9/14-9/20/2021) Positive Cases for Robeson County Residents: Male 363 Female 415 African American 98 American Indian 306 White 162 Hispanic 18 Other 38 Unlisted 156

Number of positive cases this period - 778 Number of cases since March 21, 2020 - 24,651 Number of deaths associated with Covid this period - 23 Number of deaths since Marc 21, 2020 - 390 (from NCDHHS Dashboard)

The county has had 51,373 people get the first dose (39%) and 42,729 of these are considered fully vaccinated. African Americans still have the largest percentage of population receiving at least one dose at 39% with Whites at 38% and Hispanics at 30%. Since they are still using a population base of 134,000 plus and the census revealed only 116,000 plus - the percent for the first dose is actually 44% for the county - not great, but at least better.

And, in the last three-week period, 63 Robeson residents died due to Covid - averaging three per day. With the boosters on the horizon, now is the time to get vaccinated before vaccination sites get very crowded. We already have had far more than our share of cases and deaths.


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