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Press Release--Historic Policy Change by Lumbee Tribe Opens Doors for Homeownership

Press Release

Homeownership Policy Change by the Lumbee Tribe Will Open Doors for Tribal Families Who Don’t Own Property Adjoining a Road

Pembroke, NC (June 1, 2023) - On Thursday, the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina kicked off National Homeownership Month with a major policy change to allow families to build homes on land that is not road frontage. Chairman John Lowery signed the historic amendment at the Lumbee Tribal Housing Complex with the Housing Department staff. The policy change is considered to be a game changer for many Lumbee families. Chairman Lowery said he has made homeownership a priority to ensure it is a reality for more Lumbee families. “Since I came into office, we have increased down payment assistance, reduced the interest rate on home construction loans and with today’s changes to the road frontage policy, we will substantially increase the number of Lumbee citizens who qualify for our homeownership program,” said Lowery. Tribal Administrator Ricky Harris said family land is important to Lumbee families and the previous policy may have deterred some tribal members. "Living in a farm community, road frontage isn't always available for everyone," said Harris.

The program still has some criteria

-The land can’t be farther than 1000 ft off the road -The land must be a minimum of a half-acre -The homeowner must have a permanent recorded easement -The access road must be an all-weather road.

The new policy change followed an extensive amount of research and discussion with Lumbee Tribal members, the Lumbee Tribal Council, and the tribal staff to ensure this policy works best for tribal members and the Lumbee Tribe Housing Program. Chairman Lowery said he is excited for this new opportunity for his administration to continue to help Lumbee families become first time homeowners. “Investing in a home is the biggest financial investment most people will ever make in their lifetime,” said Chairman Lowery. “We want to make sure we are placing our tribal members in the best position possible for success.”

For more information about the Lumbee Tribe Housing Department and how you can build a home on your land, contact the Housing Department staff at (910)522-2189.

Photo - Lumbee Tribal Chairman John Lowery signs documents to amend the Lumbee Tribe Homeownership Policy with Housing Director Bradley Locklear, Financial Edu/Housing Manager Kathy Locklear and Tribal Administrator Ricky Harris.


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