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Council Elects New Officers for 2015

PEMBROKE — The Lumbee Tribal Council voted on January 15 to elect new officers during its first meeting of the new year. Lesaundri Hunt was re-elected as speaker. Hunt served as speaker during the 2014 council session. As speaker, Hunt serves as head of the Tribal Council. He leads all Tribal Council meetings and sets the agenda. William Maiden was elected vice chairman. Jan Lowery was appointed secretary; Janie McFarland Oxendine, treasurer; and newly-elected Councilman Bill James Brewington was appointed parliamentarian.

Also on Thursday, the council appointed committee chairmen. New appoints are made each year. The committee chairman are as follows; Anita Blanks, Constitution and Ordinance Committee; Terry Hunt, Economic Development; Bobby Oxendine, Education, Culture and Public Relations; Areatha Patterson, Ethics; Jarrod Lowery, Federal Recognition; Janie McFarland, Finance; Terry Collins, Housing; Jan Lowery, Health and Human Services; and William Maiden, Lumbee Nation Tribal Programs.

During the meeting, the Council heard from John Lyon, regional director of AT&T. Lyon told the Council about a scholarship oppourtunity for American Indian students. Lyon said funds are available to up to 12 students nationwide to take a course at George Washington University in Washington, DC. The Native American Political Leadership Program is for rising juniors and seniors. The course will teach students about intergovernmental relations between tribal governments and the federal government. The program will run from July 5 through July 25.

Applications can be downloaded at

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