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Drigger Family Receives Down Payment Assistance

Hailing from District 9, which is represented by Ms. Anita Blanks, the Drigger family was excited to receive the news that the Lumbee Tribe had approved their application for down payment assistance. Mr. Drigger and his beautiful wife hope to be in their home within the next two months. Mr. Drigger is originally from the Rowland community but moved to the Saddletree community when he married his wife who is a lifelong resident of Saddletree.

Congratulations to the Drigger family. We are excited for you and pray you have many happy years and beautiful memories in you new home.

Pictured left to right: Ms. Anita Blanks, LTNC District 9 Tribal Council Representative; Mr. Drigger holding his two year old daughter; Mrs. Drigger; and Kathy Locklear, LTNC Housing Manager.

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