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Walking Through History Tour Turn Out at Fort Fisher State Historic Site

Thank you to everyone who turned out today for the tour at Fort Fisher State Historic Site. Lumbee Tribal Chairman Harvey Godwin, Jr. and Nancy Fields, Director of the Museum of the Southeast American Indian hosted a walking tour as they explored the history of our ancestors who endured conscription at Fort Fisher. The Walking Through History Tour looked at the struggles Lumbee men and their families faced as they labored against their will at the fort. The Lumbee as well as other Indian people left lasting marks on the history of Fort Fisher and the legacy of the Civil War. Following the Walking Tour Chairman Godwin and Mrs. Fields participated in a Virtual Presentation as part of the American Indian Heritage Celebration by the N.C. Museum of History.

Thank you to the staff at Fort Fisher State Historic Site, UNC Pembroke, Chancellor Robin Cummings, Michelle Lanier, the NC Museum of History, our Tribal Staff and everyone who made this event a great success.


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