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Thank you to Mountaire for their Donation to Expand Lumbee Stickball Activities

Thank you to Mountaire for their donation to expand Lumbee Stickball Activities. On Monday, JR LaPearl, Mountaire Cares Director and Jarrod Lowery, Mountaire Cares Manager, presented the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. with a $15,000 check to create a Stickball playing field and for other needs to expand Lumbee Stickball activities. Mountaire Cares is the outreach division of Mountaire Farms.

Stickball, also known as “little brother of war,” was historically played to settle conflicts over land and politics between Tribal Nations, mostly in the southeast. Today the game is played in an athletic and social setting and is promoted within the Lumbee Tribe Boys & Girls clubs.

Mountaire Farms is the 4th largest poultry processor in the nation. The company has facilities throughout the Lumbee Tribal Territories, including the world’s largest chicken processing facility.


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