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Statement from Lumbee Tribal Chairman John L. Lowery

Dear Lumbee People,

On the morning of Friday, January 7, 2022, I woke not feeling well and with what I would consider a massive headache. My first day with the Tribal staff was to begin with meetings at 8:00 am at the Tribal Complex, but I decided to postpone. Headaches are sometimes a symptom of COVID -19. The last two years have taught us, if you feel sick or have flu or cold symptoms, it is best to stay home and get tested. Up until Friday morning, I have felt great all week. Therefore, there was no indication I might be sick, as I entered the Inauguration with my son, daughter, wife and family by my side. With the headache, I decided to take an at-home test, that showed I was positive with COVID-19. I also visited a testing site Friday evening and received a rapid test that the results were also positive. Thankfully, after some over - the - counter medication and rest, my headache is gone and I am almost back to100% with my energy and I feel great.

I felt as the newly sworn-in Lumbee Tribal Chairman, I needed to be transparent with our citizens about my health to make sure our people are safe. In an abundance of caution, attendance was limited to no more than 200 people at the Inauguration. All safety measures and precautions were followed, as well as mask were provided. As a precaution, on Friday, the Lumbee Tribe Staff performed contact tracing to notify individuals. We will share testing locations for any attendees, who feel they need to be tested as well vaccination sites for anyone in the community interested in a vaccination.

Even though I am fully vaccinated and preparing to receive my booster next month, l have caught COVID -19, just like many of our people across the region and nation. I am grateful that the headache I felt Friday was very minimal to what I experienced with my first bout of COVID in January 2021.

I want the very best for our Lumbee People and that includes health and happiness in this new year. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in our community, please remain vigilant to protect you and your family.


John L. Lowery Lumbee Tribal Chairman


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