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REMINDER--July 13 AND 14 Strike at the Wind @ Cultural Center 8 pm

Opening night for the “Strike at the Wind!” Outdoor Drama was amazing as the actors brought the story of Henry Berry to life. The play tells the story of the Lowrie War in 1865. It chronicles the life of Henry Berry Lowrie, who led a band of men in a seven-year battle after the Confederate Home Guard murdered Henry's father and brother. Henry and the Lowrie gang exacted a vigilante justice against the Home Guard of Robeson County and those who actively oppressed the Indian people. Though the Lowrie gang were regarded as outlaws and renegades by those on the wrong end of their guns, the Indian people for whom they fought hail them to this day as Heroes.

Thank you to the cast and Jonathan Drahos for your hard work. Drahos, UNCP Professor and Director of the Theatre Program at UNCP, has directed the play for the last five years. Nearly half of the cast, including Henry’s wife, Rhoda Strong, are current UNC Pembroke students or theatre program alumni.

Don't miss the opportunity to see it live at the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Wednesday, July 13 and Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 8 pm each night. The Friday night show is sold out. Seats will be provided in the auditorium seating. Please arrive early if you plan to sit in the lawn seating area, which will require a fold-up chair and/or blanket. Snacks will be sold. General admission tickets are $10. Tickets are available tonight at the door. To read more about the drama, visit

For tickets, visit or call the Givens Performing Arts Center Box Office at 910.521.6361.


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