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Press Release 04/28/2023–Resolution to Encourage Full Fed. Reg. For Lumbee Passes the NC House

For Immediate Release

Resolution to Encourage Full Federal Recognition for the Lumbee Passes

the NC House with Overwhelming Support

Pembroke, NC (April 28, 2023) - On Wednesday, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Resolution 499, the Support Lumbee Fairness Act. The resolution was introduced in the NC House by Representative Jarrod Lowery and received tremendous bi-partisan support. Rep. Lowery, an enrolled citizen of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, spoke on the floor prior to the vote. "The federal government told the people of Robeson County that we recognize that you are American Indian people, we recognize that the river is the Lumbee River, but we will not treat you like we treat all the other American Indians,” said Rep. Jarrod Lowery.

The resolution urges the United States Congress to support the passage of the Lumbee Fairness Act. Lumbee Tribal Chairman John Lowery was on the N.C. House floor, along with Miss Lumbee, Mahlea Hunt, during the House vote. “I want to thank the N.C. House for the resolution of support.  Thank you to Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. Jarrod Lowery, and the co-sponsors of this bill,” said Chairman Lowery. “This shows the strong support that the Lumbee continue to have in state of North Carolina.”

Miss Lumbee, Mahlea Hunt, wore her Lumbee Tribal regalia during the House vote. She thanked lawmakers for their steadfast advocacy for the Lumbee Fairness Act. “I extend my deepest appreciation to the N.C. House Members for recognizing the rights of the Lumbee people and standing in solidarity with us,” said Hunt.

On February 16, 2023, Senators Thom Tillis and Ted Budd introduced the Lumbee Fairness Act, which extends full federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe of N.C. and makes its members eligible for the same services and benefits provided to members of other federally recognized tribes. An identical bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressional members.

The 1956 Lumbee Act recognized the Lumbee as an American Indian Tribe, but barred the tribe from receiving services based on their status as Indian. The Lumbee Fairness Act seeks to amend the 1956 Lumbee Act by extending full federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe.

The Lumbee People are thankful for the NC House of Representatives continued support as we work to right this centuries old wrong.

See attached Photos and release 

Rep. Jarrod Lowery During House Vote

Speaker Tim Moore, Miss Lumbee Mahlea Hunt, Chairman John Lowery and Rep. Jarrod Lowery

Chairman Lowery and Miss Lumbee on the House Floor during House vote 2023


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