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We Still Believe

Message from Lumbee Doctors Fighting on Frontlines against COVID-19 and Chairman Godwin.

Message from Lumbee Doctors fighting the good fight on the frontlines against COVID-19 and Tribal Chairman Godwin.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are now available to everyone ages 12 and older. Find a vaccination site

Thank you to each of the doctors.

Dr. Joe Roberts--CMO, UNC Health Southeastern

Dr. Alese Hunt--Lumberton Children’s Clinic

Dr. Adrian Jacobs Deese--Lumberton Children’s Clinic

Dr. Kenneth Locklear--Robeson family practice

Dr. Ginger Locklear--Children’s Health - Pembroke

Dr. Shelly Lowery--CMO, Scotland Physicians Network

Dr. Ashleigh Johnson Freeman--Maxton Family Practice

Dr. Joseph Bell--Children’s Health - Pembroke

Dr. Katie Lowry--Robeson Pediatrics

Dr. Aaron Locklear--Pembroke Family Practice

Dr. Chamaine Brooks-Locklear--Pembroke Family Practice

Dr. Tala Smith Lowry--Scotland Health Care

Dr. Christina Hardin Dial--Children’s Health-Raeford

Dr. Charlene Locklear--TruCare Family Practice

Dr. Sarah Locklear Brewington--Sandhills Pediatrics

Dr. Hannah Woriax--Breast Surgeon, Gibson & Scotland Cancer Centers

Dr. Samuel Cummings--Women's Health Center of the Carolinas at Pembroke


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