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****Message from Chairman John L. Lowery****

November 6, 2023

Dear Lumbee People,

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina is a long-time member of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). NCAI is the nation’s oldest and largest organization representing tribal nations. In September, two amendments to the NCAI constitution were proposed that would exclude the Lumbee Tribe, along with 23 other tribes, from being voting members of NCAI. These two preposterous amendments are a direct contradiction to the original purpose and mission of NCAI, which is to create tribal unity and to protect the sovereign rights of tribes.

My administration and the Lumbee Tribal Council are working with fellow Tribes and partners to defeat these two radical amendments, which pose a threat to the sovereignty of all tribes. The NCAI Annual Conference will take place November 12-17 in New Orleans and these amendments will be considered by members of NCAI. We are making every effort to defeat these amendments, which are yet another effort to challenge our existence as a Sovereign Nation. I will not stand by and let that happen quietly. As a long-standing member of NCAI, we have every right to confront this challenge and we are doing so without hesitation.

I ask that you keep your tribal leadership, tribal members, and our allies in your prayers over the coming weeks. Together we can withstand this challenge, as we have done before and perhaps end this once and for all.

If you would like to submit comments on these two absurd amendments, we will post a link in the coming week to share your thoughts on this crucial issue for our people.


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