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Lumbee Tribe Celebrates Tammy Maynor’s 20-Year-Anniversary of Service to Lumbee People

This week, Interim-Tribal Administrator Tammy Maynor celebrates 20 Years of Service with the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. On May 22, 2002, Tribal Chairman Milton Hunt hired her Maynor as the Lumbee Tribe Legal and Compliance Officer in the Housing Department. During her career Maynor has served two times as Interim-Tribal Administrator, but she also continues to serve as the Director of Governmental Affairs. She has served in this capacity for more than 15 years. In her 20 years, Tammy Maynor has worked for Lumbee Tribal Chairman Milton Hunt, Chairman Jimmy Goins, Chairman Purnell Swett, Chairman Harvey Godwin and now Tribal Chairman John Lowery.

During her time in Tribal Administration, Maynor has guided construction of the Lumbee Tribe Housing Complex (Turtle Building), two Low-income Housing Tax Credit sites (Arrow Point Acres and Pembroke Senior Village), the creation of the seven Boys & Girls Clubs and all recent housing projects. She has also seen the Lumbee Tribal Budget increase from $8 million dollars to $90 million dollars. Maynor oversees 160 employees. Today we celebrate Tammy Maynor for her commitment to the Lumbee People.


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